This was one of our favorite waterfalls. It probably helped that we had the whole place to our selves. We had farily good weather throughout the trip, but this was a time where the wind really played a factor. What you can't tell from these pictures is that it was blowing hard enough to push you around more than you really care for when standing next to a cliff.

The drive to Akureyri...


CHRistmas Village

A very cute little shop with a very friendly store owner. He shared some smoked lamb with us and told us all about the Yule Lads and many Icelandic Christmas time traditions. 

These little stone people are all over this part of Iceland.


Akureryi is a beautiful little place. We only spent a couple hours here but it left an impression. Enough so that I would suggest giving yourself more time than that. It doesn't have many specific attractions, but it has a great vibe and would be a fun place to do a little city exploring. It also has the best hot dog stand in all of Iceland. O.K. fine, we only really hit two and then of course a couple of gas stations (because along the road that is your best bet for food), but this one was our favorite! 

My hot dog: all the regular fixings and red cabbage. A girl's dream come true! I'm pretty sure this place is just called the Hot Dog Hut and it is across from the viking store on the main shopping road.