Pueblo Bonito

Pueblo Bonito (828-1126 AD) is the largest Great House in Chaco Canyon.  It covers ~2 acres and had an estimated 650 rooms.

Pueblo Bonito Overlook



There are a ton of petroglyphs around the park, but the two most concentrate areas are between Pueblo Bonito and Chetro Ketl (the first row) and along the petroglyph trail on the way to Penasco Blanco.



The Supernova pictograph, as a Ranger put it, is "the most famous or infamous pictograph in this region".  The story is that it depicts the Supernova that created the  Crab Nebula which was visible from Earth in July of 1054. This event was so bright that it could be seen during the daytime for 23 days and at night for 663.  It would have been the brightest object in the sky after only the Sun and the Moon.

Apparently, the moon and sun align the same way they did in 1054 every ~18 years and if you align a telescope with the pictograph it points directly to the Crab Nebula.


Chetro Ketl


Chetro Ketl (1020-1120 AD), another great house, was slightly smaller and about 1/4 miles from Pueblo Bonito.  This site contained about 450 rooms

Casa Chiquita en Route to Pueblo Alto

Casa Rinconada Community

(The Largest Great Kiva in Chaco Canyon)