Traveling the Eastern part of the country gave us our first real sense of the isolation that we had heard about.  Until you see the seemingly never ending miles of white blanketed hills it doesn't seem real.  Still doesn't.  


Litlanesfoss was probably my favorite waterfall that we saw on our entire trip.  The basalt columns making a honeycomb like pattern combined with a multi-tiered waterfall make this a very unique place. 

The trailhead is easy to find as it is located right off Route 931 near Egilsstadir.


Hengifoss is on the same trail as Litlanesfoss and is the third highest waterfall in Iceland (128 m).  Unfortunately, we weren't able to get closer as the trail turned into a snow/iceberg/river crossing high risk affair.  


The East is home to Fjords and reindeer which we were lucky enough to experience because Route 1 was closed by Egilsstidir.  We had read a lot about how there were no guard rails and how it could get sketchy driving in the winter time along these routes.  The picture above doesn't really help ease these fears, but I would say this... if the road is paved you didn't have to worry about guard rails or feeling too close to the edge.  If the road was gravel it usually meant you were on your own. Also worth noting, most restaurants in the area have limited hours so plan accordingly.