Hike to High Dune

High Dune stands about 699 feet tall and only 1.5 miles from the parking lot but felt closer to 10 miles after trudging through the sand.

Quick Facts:

  • Total Distance: Varies by the Route you choose since there is no actual trail.  3-3.5 miles RT
  • Trailhead Elevation: 8,068 Ft.
    • Elevation Gain: ~900 Ft.
  • GPS Route

Golden Hour...


Watching the sun set over the dunes...

Great Sand Dunes National Park Sunset

Our Camping Spot in the Nature Preserve....

Sand Sledding...

This was going to be our second foray into Sand Sledding.  This, however, was something completely different than White Sands.  Here you need wet sand or an ample amount of wax to gain decent speed.  In White Sands, the gypsum will carry even the cheapest plastic sled.  The other trade off is that gypsum doesn't get hot (but gives off a blinding glare), while the sand in Great Sand Dunes can get up to 150 degrees.

Like I said...ample wax for for decent speed...and wipe outs....

Dark Night Sky