This is by far the busiest area of the park. It is also the oldest structure. It was built before the area was included in the park to be a hunting lodge. At that time it was only accessible by boat, which is why the lake side part of the hotel is considered the main entrance. It still maintains it's hunting lodge vibe and is the only hotel that actually lit the huge fireplace in the lobby! 

Avalanche Lake

Hike Quick Facts:

  • Distance: 4.85 MI RT
  • TH Elevation: 3,425 FT
    • Elevation Gain: 545 FT
  • GPS Route

This is hands down the busiest hiking area. Parking is definitely a challenge so look into the shuttles or start early. However, do not let any of that deter you from this trail. Just look at that lake! Once you are there it is easy to find your "own" space to enjoy these amazing views. 

Goodbye Glacier!

Taking the plunge! This place is really and truly special, made even more so by the changes it faces with climate change. It feels like we just got a taste of what this park has to offer on this trip and neither one of us can wait to go back and discover more.