Your typical Bison traffic jam (and more accurately, people stopping to take pictures of Bison) set us back as we headed down to the Old Faithful area at the end of the day. When planning, be prepared to sit in this kind of traffic for at least an hour day if not more.   


Luckily, we walked up right as she was erupting and got to see one of the world's most famous geysers in action.  The only other geyser Jenni & I had ever seen was in Iceland.  Even though Geysir is what all other geysers were named after, it left us less than impressed.  Old Faithful, however, is worthy of the hype.   Even better is the fact that there are two basins filled with hot springs and geysers in the surrounding area.  

Morning Glory Pool

This was one of our favorites! We saw countless wonders during this trip but this was one of the sights that we kept referring back to as the most awe inspiring. 

Midway Geyser Basin

We pulled up just as the sun was setting to try to catch a glimpse of Grand Prismatic. While the steam from the giant pool kept us from being able to see her in all her glory, what we could see was impressive. There is a short hike a little ways south that is said to give you a bird's eye view. Be mindful of the weather though, cooler outside temperatures means more steam from the pool.