Belize - Hol Chan Marine Reserve

Belize - Hol Chan Marine Reserve

If you're heading to Ambergris Caye from Belize City you have two options.  You can taxi downtown and take a ferry across or you can take a 15 minute flight.  The flight is worth every penny.

And if you ask nicely they will even let you co-pilot...

Phoenix Resort

Our patio looking at the Caribbean Sea

Catching sun with the Iguanas

The experience at the Phoenix was unreal.  I definitely didn't know good service until staying at this amazing resort.  The perfect location in town, amazing restaurant on site... you really can't beat this place.

View from our room

Excited to be in Belize!

Hol Chan Marine Reserve

Our first snorkeling stop was Hol Chan Marine Reserve.  The most popular spot to hit from Ambergris Caye, and definitely worth it.


Sting Ray Hiding in the Sand

Eagle Ray:

Our guide, Lody, diving to point out the fireworm


Pixar in Real Life

Nurse Shark

Green Moray Eel

Shark Ray Alley

Belize - Boat Charters & Nightlife

Belize - Boat Charters & Nightlife

Winter in Bryce Canyon

Winter in Bryce Canyon