Here is a list of all of the animals we were able to get pictures of.  There were so many that we should have been writing them down, but here is the best we could remember along with some fun facts.....

Capybara - The World's Largest Rodent.  These guys get about 2 feet tall and can weigh up to 150 lbs.

Tamarin Monkey - These monkey' can range wildly in appearance.  Usually they look like they have crazy mustaches, but the ones in Peru are all black except for orange on their backs.

Emerald Tree Boa -  This guy was curled up in a tree when Jenni spotted him even after our eagle-eyed guide walked right under him.  These boas prefer the top of the canopy and are rarely seen this low to the ground.  Our guide said it was only the 3rd one he had ever seen.

King Vultures stand ~3 feet tall with a wingspan of ~6 feet. 

Capuchin Monkeys live in large groups of up to 40.  If we saw one of them we usually saw another 5 following along.

Toucan - Took this from the canopy platform so apologize for the blurriness, but he was pretty far away. 

Squirrel Monkeys

These guys often travel with the capuchin monkeys. They live in the mid level canopy while the capuchins live higher up. 

Brazilian Long Nose Bats -  They are much more camouflaged than they look.  They are only 3-4 inches long and and these pictures were taken while they were sleeping inside a tree trunk. 

Black Caiman - This one was exciting.  Especially, since I had I just asked Pepe about them while we were fishing .  He said Black Caimans were the biggest and hardest to find and that most of the caimans in this area were closer to 4 or 5 feet in size.  Black Caimains, on the other hand, are the largest reptile in South America and can grow between 16-20 feet in length. We were fishing for Piranha when I spotted his eyes floating down the middle of the river.  When I yelled to Pepe he jumped up and began splashing a paddle in the water to get his attention.  

Here is a list of other animals that we saw, but weren't quick enough to get pictures of.  There were so many more, but here are the ones we could remember...

  • Owl Monkey
  • Pink toed Tarantula
  • Smoky Jungle Frog
  • Horned Frog - These guys are all over the world, but what was cool about these particular ones were that they changed colors to look like the brush they were in.
  • King Toad - Also everywhere but they were about the size of a volleyball.
  • Weaver Spider (Nearly Ran into a 10x10 ft web suspended about 5 1/2 feet over the trail during our night hike) 
  • Pale Wing Trumpeter