Going to the Sun is the main road connecting the east and west sides of the park.  Every square inch is amazing for the both the views and the engineering marvel that it is.  


While driving on this road we kept saying to each other, "I know it's real because I'm looking at it but it just doesn't seem real. It's so beautiful." I'd say that was the overall theme of the trip. 


Going to the Sun Road just before Logans Pass

Logan's Pass

We caught this herd of Big Horn Sheep in the parking lot at the top of Logan's Pass. I overheard a lady saying that they come up there every evening after most of the people and rangers have left. They are drawn to the salt and minerals on the pavement that cars leave behind. 

Granite Park Chalet

Quick Facts:

  • Total RT: 8.25 mi (From the Loop TH Up and Back)
  • TH Elevation: 4,337 Ft.
    • Elevation Gain: 2,345 Ft.
  • GPS Route

I originally tried to hike the highline trail from Logan's Pass.  Unfortunately, it was still closed due to dangerous snow drifts (this was 4th of July weekend).  One of the awesome rangers there reccomended that I head to the Loop Trailhead and hike up to Granite Park Chalet which is where the highline trail connects.

This chalet was built in 1914 by the Great Northern Railway before Glacier was a National Park.  There are 12 total rooms that are available to book, but apparently reservations are really hard to get.  After seeing it in person I'll definitely be trying my luck for next year.