Our vehicle for the trip. I'm pretty sure this is the cleanest it ever was.

Snaefellsness always comes up as a must see for short trips to Iceland. People always say "it has a little bit of everything Iceland has to offer," and it is true. There are basalt columns, amazing black sand beaches, a glacier, tiny fishing towns, mountains, and hiking. Being that it was winter many of the activities that this area has to offer were not accessible to us. Anastarpi is a must see. It was a pleasant drive and there were some great views, and I agree with every one who said if you only have a few days that you should check out the peninsula. However, if you are planning on spending some real time in Iceland, I wouldn't put this on my top 5. 

Snaefellsnes Iceland


A statue to the troll that lives in the mountains and protects the town. 

Here you can see how the water is eroding the cliff side into the hexagonal form that is so famous. This happens because of the molecular make up of the volcanic rock. 


Hraunsnef Country Hotel

We loved this little place! It is literally on farm where you can see the sheep and cows hanging out in barn (at least that's where they were when we were there because the wind was out of control). The room was very comfortable, the staff was more than friendly, and the food was amazing!

Lamb with vegetables, home made hash brown patty, and blueberry sauce.