Glacier National Park is remote.  It's what makes it so special, but also the reason it has taken us so long to get there.  The drive from Denver is around 15 hours which puts it out of reach for even the most ambitious 3 day weekends.  We left Thursday afternoon and split the drive up by staying in Billings that night (about 7 hours).  We had originally planned on camping Friday night in the Two Medicine part of the park, but got there right as the last spots were filled.

One tip for anyone looking to just figure out where they will sleep on the way is to check the campground status page on the national parks site (Glacier National Park Campground Status).  This page not only shows you if they are full, but also gives historic data on when they have filled up.

We ended up driving into East Glacier to see if we could find a room, which brought us to the Mt. Pine Motel.  This is the kind of place you expect at a NP Gateway town. Rustic, cheap, perfect rooms.  Amenities include beds and a bottle opener in the bathroom for those after hike shower beers.

It is run by the Sherburne Family who has deep roots in the area.  Their grandfather even has a lake named after him.

Running Eagle Falls 

This waterfalls is also called Trick Falls because there are actually two different falls coming out of the same spot.

Jenni claims she never learned to skip rocks because she grew up in the desert.  We spent a lot of time that weekend practicing and trying to improve that form....

After a long hike there are few things better than sitting down with a cold drink.  Usually you are lucky to get way out of the park before finding a gas station with a couple of Gatorades.  At Glacier every camp store had a good selection including single beers for $1.40.  The first sip of these and we both sighed and muttered "I love this place".